Learn to take your expertise + turn it into a digital product. 

Then sell it over + over again-- completely on autopilot! 

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Day One 

In the first lesson you'll learn what Passive Income is and what it definitely isn’t.  

You’ll also learn how selling digital products increased my salary by 10k last year, and I’ll help you navigate some of the resistance that may come up if you decide that you’re interested in creating passive income products for yourself…



Day Two

In this video I discuss how to figure out what format you should present your product in.  

I also share some tips on how to figure out exactly what your perfect product is, and then a few actionable ways to KNOW that it will sell-- before you spend that precious time making it…




Day Three

In this final lesson, I’m squashing the belief that in order to sell your digital product, you must already have a large audience- whether that’s via a blog, an email list, or on social media.

I'll also cover how virtually anyone, within any industry--regardless of how wacky the niche-- can create a digital product.