How To Add More Live Links To Instagram With Link In Profile

If you’ve ever tried to direct your followers to a specific place on your blog or website from Instagram, you know the pain of only having a single link in your bio to do that.  

At this time, Instagram doesn’t allow for clickable links inside any of your actual posts.

You can place a URL in your caption, but your followers don’t have the ability to copy + paste it, and it’s highly unlikely that people will take the time to exit Instagram + manually type in your URL.  It can happen, but it’s definitely not the norm. 


Dont settle for ONE LINK on Instagram!! You can use a third party service to turn your Instagram images into live links that followers can click through!



Of course, you could change the link in your bio each time you post a new blog, or create a new offering.  But, each time you update the link in your bio, all of your other calls-to-action in previous posts become invalid.  Plus, it’s just really annoying to have to constantly update your bio. 

I’ve always operated in a more simplistic way, by creating one really valuable opt-in + using my Instagram bio to invite visitors to click the link for that ONE THING, often using the same opt-in + link for months at a time.  

However, I noticed that people were still finding my old Instagram posts containing previous offerings, and they wanted to know how they could find those “other things”, (not the thing I was currently promoting in my bio).  


I realized that even though I’d personally moved on to the “next thing”, new visitors, who might just be discovering my business, were still very interested in my older content. 

With each Instagram post losing momentum after only about 6 hours, I was definitely missing out on any long-term benefits of promoting something on the platform, (without having to constantly repeat myself or change my link a billion times). 


I decided to do something about it + recently started using a platform called 

So far, I’m totally obsessed. 

Link In Profile provides a single link to use in my bio for ALL of the URLS that I share via Instagram.  The link leads visitors to a special landing page where they can get all of my goodies. 


Using Link In Profile to create multiple links on Instagram to all of your content


This landing page allows visitors to not only check out my latest offering, but also showcases previous offerings featured in older posts.  By clicking through any of the images on my landing page, visitors will be taken to the specific URL that was used in each post.  

Link In Profile landing page example


Setting this up is super simple.  

Once you sign up for a Link In Profile account, you are given a special URL to place in your Instagram bio.  

Then, you create your Instagram posts as usual, making sure to add a URL, (to the specific page you want your followers to visit), in your caption.  

The link in your bio never changes, but each time you add a new URL to an image in your feed, followers will have the option to click through to that specific page from your Link In Profile landing page. 

Your landing page back-end will also show you how many times each image link is clicked, so you can monitor how well your posts are being engaged with + how often people are clicking through to read your posts, or check out your products. 

Example back-end of Link In Profile landing page for Instagram


Now that I’m realizing all of the awesome possibilities that this opens up for my business + what I can share on Instagram, I’m kicking myself for not having done it sooner. 

The good news is, that I can still go back + add in a URL for older posts.  Once I do, the image will magically appear on my Link In Profile landing page!  

My old posts + promotions are literally being raised from the dead… 


Now, it’s so simple to share individual blog posts, links to specific products or services, links to a single email opt-in, or even share affiliate links to increase my commissions.  I can also easily recommend other Instagram accounts, helpful blogs, websites, + any other online resources by sending my followers directly to the info via the link in my profile. 

Link In Profile is only $9.99 a month, but they also offer a FREE 30 DAY TRAIL, so you can check it out + see the benefits for yourself, with no risk!! 

Don’t miss out on another opportunity to capitalize on your Instagram traffic.  

We spend so much time creating content + crafting the perfect caption, only to have it be “here today + gone tomorrow”.  #byefelecia

Link In Profile ensures that your content doesn’t go to die in an Instagram graveyard.  I can’t wait to see how using this service helps to boost my page views + my sales! 


Check out Link in Profile for 30 days risk free!!


Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links

Other similar services: by Later (you get access to this if you have a paid monthly plan) from Soldsie also offers a FREE trial (with this service, you pay based on the amount of clicks you get per month, it starts at only $5!!)