Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level with these 5 Apps

Let me ask you a question.

Are you using Instagram Stories regularly for your business?

If the answer is “NO”, you might want to rethink your current marketing strategy.

5 apps that will take your Instagram Stories for business to the next level from Small Talk Social.



Stories are becoming increasingly more important, with Instagram rolling out updates to the feature left + right.

As far as business goes, discovery through stories is becoming even easier with features like location and hashtag stickers that you can add directly into your stories as a way to categorize the content and be seen more easily.

Using these new features allow your content to be added into broader location stories and hashtag trends on the top of search pages within the platform.


The way people are using Instagram is changing right before our eyes.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important that you adjust your sails quickly + adapt your messaging for the way that your audience is engaging with content RIGHT NOW.

How do you do that?

You can make sure that your content stands out from the crowd with a little help from some of my favorite apps, which are sure to help you level up your current (or currently non-existent) story strategy…

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No. 1 : STOREO 

Discovering this app has literally saved my mornings.

My team + I make a lot of story content in advance for clients.

This usually involves creating and editing stories outside of Instagram into full videos that are always longer than 15 seconds.  Before I found this app, I’d have to clip each portion of the story down to 15 seconds manually, using Quicktime.

I’d sit there for way too long, dragging those little yellow trimming levers back + forth, trying to get perfectly-timed 15 second cuts to load into stories. #aintnobodygottime

Then, I downloaded Stereo, and yes, the $8.99 price tag was totally worth it to remove watermarks and make my life far less complicated. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

In addition to quickly clipping your pre-made videos into perfect 15 second clips, Storeo also lets you create video directly within the app.

So, if you’re doing a talking head video, or filming something live-- you don’t have to worry about missing the best part or getting cut off right in the middle of a sentence.  

Just keep the camera rolling, then let Storeo clip it afterward. When you’re ready, you can load it into your Instagram Story for a seamless replay.



No. 2 : OVER

When I want to design something amazing on the fly, I use Over.

Over is such a beautiful, robust app with tons of design functions-- it’s seriously got it all.

This app makes creating content for stories super easy, with templates and presets already made for your phone screen dimensions, you just choose the canvas and edit your text and artwork.

While the app is free for general use, you can also upgrade to a monthly subscription ($9.99/mo) and upload your brand fonts and other design assets-- so that the content you’re making on the app is always aligned with your business.



No. 3  + No. 4 : FLYR / POCKETVIDEO

I’ve been searching high + wide for an app that allows me to easily make fun, animated stories for myself and clients.  

You know, so I can create content that looks like all of those fun news stories on the SnapChat Discover page?

I’ve actually gotten pretty close with two different apps -- Flyr and PocketVideo.

Each of these apps allow you add your own video + photos, plus layer in other videos, gifs, stickers, and animated text.

While PocketVideo is free, I’ve personally found it to be a bit glitchy with some of it’s functionality. Flyr is def more robust and dependable, however it comes at a $9.99/ month price tag.

So, unless you’re going to be making consistent high level story content- you might want to go with the less reliable but still super fun, PocketVideo.




Yes. My final must have app for Instagram Stories is actually Snapchat.

Although Instagram has tried to compete in the creative department by recently adding new face filters, they don’t yet compare to the variety + insane detail offered through Snapchat.

Specifically, I love that most of the face filters on Snapchat come with a reversed camera option-- this could be anything from floating stars, hearts, bubbles or even more detailed scenery like the jungle or outer space.

I like to create short videos of these reversed filters on a solid background and save them for” grab + go” backdrops for Instagram stories later. There are so many creative options, and if you stay on top of checking SnapChat frequently, you can build up a pretty amazing library of background content to pop in when you need it. 

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So, there you have it. A round up of my current "must have apps" for creating amazing story content no matter where I am.

What are some of your favorite apps for Instagram Stories?! Let me know in the comments below!