7 Creative Ways to Grow Your Brand with Instagram Stories

So maybe you’ve heard how important Instagram Stories are becoming.

Maybe you heard it from me ;)

Maybe you see all of your online pals + competitors hopping on and using Stories, and you get it. You understand why + how they work.  

You’re totally onboard. Stories are “a thing” on Instagram now. There’s no turning back.

So, you open up your phone, log onto Instagram, press that little camera icon…

Then you just sit there-- staring blankly, wondering what the hell you’re supposed to share.

Learn 7 ways you can use Instagram Stories to build your know like trust factor and grow your business.

Friend, I’ve been there. I completely understand.

It’s easy to post a story of your adorable pet, while you’re hanging with friends, or when you just want to play around with those silly selfie filters.

But what about for actual BIZNESS?!

What the heck are you supposed to post on your stories that helps to increase brand awareness, keeps your ideal customer engaged, sells your products + services, and gets your audience to know-like-and trust you?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

In order to help you figure out what types of content will work well for you and your business, I’ve compiled a list of SEVEN creative Instagram Story ideas.


No. 1 : HOST A Q+A 

You can use your story to answer frequently asked questions from your audience/customers. Prepare for your session by creating a post in your regular feed, letting folks know that you’ll be hosting a Q+A via Stories. Then let your audience leave their inquiries in the comments.



Your Instagram Story is an excellent platform to show the process of something being completed, or to teach your audience something step-by-step. Just use each frame of your story to show a photo/video “step” so that when the audience watches, they’ll see a complete before + after.



Stories should be exciting and engaging-- and if you can make them interactive, that’s even better. You can have your audience play a game, like tic-tac-toe, a word search, or send them on a scavenger hunt. Daniel Wellington used a story to invite its audience to screenshot a moving watch to decide what sushi to eat for lunch. So, it’s ok to be playful, incorporate your brand, and let your audience have fun. (It’s not always about making a sale, it’s about making sure they remember you).  

Daniel Wellington interactive story example



You can use your Instagram Stories to host contests, similar to how you would on your regular feed. Use your story to explain the contest, then have your followers either DM their entries or send them to a separate landing page to enter to win. Then, you can use another story to announce / congratulate the winner.



If you need help deciding something, or want audience feedback on an idea, new product, etc-- ASK THEM. Hop onto your Instagram Stories and ask your viewers to comment below with their opinion. Again, this is a direct line from them to you, so all you have to do is ask.



I’ve been sharing freebies via Stories for my clients, as well as myself, and it’s so much fun! You can use your Instagram Stories to share things like phone wallpapers, recipes, and checklists that they can simply screenshot to use. You could also share coupon codes as a free offer found only within your stories. Try to add value to your Stories with an exclusive freebie.  



Speaking of adding value-- you can also do this with your knowledge / expertise. Try to share a weekly tip or trick via your Instagram Stories to build on your Know-Like-Trust factor and keep your followers coming back for more.

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With video, photo and live options-- there are endless ways that you can utilize your Instagram Stories to grow your business.

So, try a few of these ideas out and see which of them works for your brand.

The trick, as always, is to stay consistent!

When it comes to building your business with this platform, it’s important that you show up + add value -- the rest will happen organically.

So, what types of Stories are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below!


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