10 "No- Hustle" Side Hustle Ideas : Practically Passive Income for the Busy Creative


Let’s talk for a minute about a six letter word. A word that, in my opinion, gets tossed around far too often.  

A word that is literally glorified in business as a virtue.

The word I’m referring to is HUSTLE.


Work less + make more money. 10 side hustles for passive income for creatives from Small Talk Social from Stephanie Gilbert


The “grind” is something entrepreneurs like to brag about.  

“I’m just so busy these days, you know-- running my business”... we shout it from the rooftops, feeling puffed-up and proud.  

Why do we talk about all of this hustling as if it’s a good thing?

By nearly every definition, the word is terrible, yet we choose to wear it like a badge of honor.

The definition of "hustle" isn't such a great thing.

I mean, I totally understand that no one is going to get anywhere in business without taking some sort of forward action towards a goal.  #SomeAssemblyRequired.

However, there is absolutely nothing noble about working yourself into burnout or breakdown.

Trust me-- been there, done that.

When it comes right down to it-- I think my beef with the word “hustle” is how often it’s misused.  There’s an implication that the amount of hard work + effort you put into something will be equal to the level of success you’ll achieve.

“EVERYDAY I’M HUSTLIN'" becomes your anthem.

You trade hours for dollars, hoping that by working MORE, you’ll make MORE.  

But what if you do work incredibly hard + the money never shows up? Oh-- then you must not have worked hard enough.

On the flip side, if all of that hustle actually does bring in more customers, more clients, more money… what happens when you stop? When your hustle is exhausted, do those dollars stop rolling in?  


I’m officially going on the record to state that I’m done with the hustle.

And I’m calling BS on all of that “the harder you work, the more money you make” propaganda.


Over the last year, I’ve become living, breathing proof that you don’t have to work hard everyday to make a consistent income.

In fact, I don’t have to hustle at all to make money in the shower, at the gym, or even in my sleep.


By creating a passive stream of income with a handful of low cost digital products, I’ve managed to increase my annual revenue by ten thousand dollars.

And I did not work extra hard to make that happen.


I guess you could call my digital products my “side hustle” -- since those profits are not part of my normal salary from clients.  And while there is some upfront work involved, no additional hustle is required.


What exactly is Passive Income?

Trust me, you’ll like this definition far better than the previous...

The definition of passive income is much better!

You read that, right?!  “Little effort required to maintain it.”

And now we have a new theme song… “Money for Nothing". 

Curious about how you can take all of that hustle down a notch + start creating your own stream of passive income?

Below are 10 digital product ideas-- products that can be made ONCE, then sold over + over again, no additional blood, sweat or tears required.


10 ideas for passive income to start your "no-hustle" side hustle

I'm so obsessed with coming up with side hustle ideas-- Im constantly helping my friends, family + clients figure out passive ways to bring in additional cash.  

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