5 Ways to Build Trust with your Audience with Social Media...

There’s a quote from author, Bob Burg, that says, “All things equal, people will do business with, and refer business to people they Know, Like, and Trust”

This makes total sense, right?

I mean, we’ve probably all been in a situation where someone has asked us for a referral— for a doctor, a hair stylist, a place to eat— and we default to someone/somewhere we personally know/go.

Even if it’s casual, or an “I only know them through social media”, acquaintance— they feel like the better option, because there’s some transparency there.

It’s more comfortable than starting from scratch with a complete stranger.

Learn five techniques to utilize social media to build your know-like-trust factor.


This is why it’s such a good idea to utilize social media profiles, like Instagram, to build up some of that KLT magic.

A random follower could easily become a client or customer, simply because they feel like they know you—and like what you do or sell. 

And yep… even though you may do or sell something very similar to your competitors (“all things equal”), your presence on social media just might seal the deal for them, because they are comfortable with YOU.  They trust YOU.

So, how can you actively work on boosting your Know-Like-Trust Factor on social media?



You don’t have to be on a platform 24/7 or anything, but do take the time to actively use your social media accounts regularly.  Engage with others + try to respond to all of the comments that you receive.  Show up + your followers will notice.   



The beauty of social media is that you can run your business like a human being. Don’t be afraid to be your true self + share what makes you/your business unique with your followers.  Don’t try to copy or emulate what others are doing.  Even if an “expert” or “guru” tells you something is a “must do”, if it doesn’t align with your values or brand, don’t do it!



Ok, so your feed shouldn’t become a personal sounding board or a living diary (remember Live Journal, tho?!).  However, people really seem to like it when they can peek into your personal journey. I’d say to always try to keep things positive, but don’t be afraid to pull back the curtain every once in a while + get on a level that people can relate to. 



Share tips, tricks, advice, inspiration + serve your followers in a way that showcases your expertise. Not only does this build trust, because they will actually see that you know what you’re doing, but they’ll also be getting so much value for free, that when it comes time to pitch something, they most likely won’t bat an eyelash. 



Whether you’re a solo business owner or have a team, showing the faces behind the business every once in a while is a great way for people to connect with you deeper. 

Don’t be afraid to selfie every once in a while!

Mixing in “personal” posts that allow you to share more about yourself + your biz “behind the scenes” gives your followers more opportunities to get to know you. Then, over time, they can decide if they like/trust you enough to give you their business.


By using your content + presence on social media to connect on a deeper, more meaningful level with your audience gives you a solid advantage over a competitor who isn’t present or only shares sales-y content.  


If all things are, in fact, equal, how will you ensure that your target audience feels that they know you better, like you more, and trusts you with their hard earned money?