Creating an Instagram "Prop Box" for Service-based businesses

It would seem that those who make + sell physical products have it a little easier when it comes to creating styled photos for their Instagram feeds.  And by that I mean, at the very least, there is always a tangible item available to photograph. 

Not sure what to post on Instagram today?! Grab that awesome item that you sell, toss in a few related objects + snap a photo! 

But what if the "thing" that you sell isn’t something that you can see or touch? 

Today, I wanted to talk specifically about how those with service-based businesses, (like me!), can easily create styled photos for their Instagram feeds, just like all of those product-based businesses can. 


How to create a prop box when you sell services instead of physical products. Shoot styled photos for Instagram with your own custom prop box!


When you sell your non-tangible, generally non-photographable skills + services, what you should post on Instagram can become a little unclear. 

How do you showcase + share what you can’t capture in an image, on an image-sharing platform like Instagram?! 

If you’re anything like me, and you love Instagram for the visual content, you probably don’t want to fill your grid with a million graphics + lots of text, in order to relay your message. 

No way! You want REAL PHOTOS!!  


And, even though all of those graphic posts might be filled with helpful tips + tricks, if your feed is literally all graphics + quote boxes, you could easily run the risk of coming off a bit too sales-y + scaring away new visitors as well. 

So what do you do?  

Well, a great way to keep your feed cohesive + visually appealing is to create a branded “prop box”.  And no, I don’t mean a box filled with feather boas, or those tiny paper hats + mustaches on sticks. 

An Instagram prop box is a collection of items that can physically represent what you do.  The items in your box could be considered “tools of the trade” or, at the very least, can be related to your business + visually aligned with your branding.

My prop box isn’t even a box at all, it’s a drawer in my office where all of my “pretty things” live.  When it's time to create my weekly content for Instagram, I grab some items from my drawer + start snappin'. 




Whether you’re a blogger or a biz coach, a marketing strategist or an SEO expert, there is still a way for you to showcase your value + expertise, while playing in the Instagram "big leagues".    

By creating your own styled stock images + pairing them with valuable copy, you can ensure you have a visually exciting feed full of branded content, that still connects with your audience via your captions.

It’s a win-win

To show you what I mean, I created a few example prop box groupings of office supplies. This is something I use a lot in my own feed, since I work from home.  

Even though these prop boxes would contain practically the same things, think about how different each of these feeds would look based on the branding + aesthetic of the business. 








Now, obviously office supplies won’t work for every service-based business.  

For example, if you’re a health + wellness coach or offer holistic services, your prop box might include essential oils, crystals or sage.  If you’re a real estate agent, your props might include decorative house keys, or fresh flowers. The idea is to come up with your own grouping of items that can be used repeatedly, so that they tie your entire grid together. 

In my own Instagram feed, you will notice the same items popping up from time-to-time.  These props create a single thread that connects all of the content in my grid + helps me to visually communicate my brand overall. 

So, what are you going to put in your prop box?!

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