My Favorite Books for the Creative Entrepreneur

I wanted to try something new on the blog today, so I decided to post a good old-fashioned ROUNDUP. #yeehaw

As a content-consuming creative entrepreneur, I’m aways on the lookout for books that are inspiring, motivational, thought-provoking or informative.  I actually haven’t picked up a good fiction book in quite a while, often choosing that form of“escapism” via the always popular Netflix + chill method, (just add wine). 


My favorite books for the creative entrepreneur.  A list of recommendations for books filled with creativity, inspiration, motivation and education.


When I have an extra long drive in the car or when I take a relaxing bubble bath, (again---just add wine--- to the bath NOT the car ride obviously), I often use the opportunity to nerd out + expand on my business knowledge or to get inspired. 

If you love Podcasts as much as I do, (which just might be another roundup post soon), then you might also like to get your books via Audible. I’m a productivity-obsessed, multi-tasking crazy person, so I love that I can lay in bed + listen to my book while I pin on Pinterest, cook dinner, or clean the house. 

My personal pro-tip with Audible: the audio books are often read by narrators who speak as slow as molasses - but an 8 hour book will take up less time if you bump up the speed to about 1.5x.  Sure, it sounds a little funny sometimes, but it keeps things moving along.  Maybe I’m just impatient, but seriously gramps… #aintnobodygottime

While Audible is my jam, if you happen to be one of those folks who does enjoy READING WORDS… I suppose Kindle or old-school real books with print on paper work too. It's your life... you do you


Regardless of how you decide to consume the literature, here is a list of some of my personal book recommendations for creatives + entrepreneurs. 


1.   BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert

If you plan on living a creative life, I would start by picking up this gem by Liz Gilbert.  I love how she's able to explain creativity as this tangible thing that is actively seeking us at all times.  It's such an inspiring and honest book- reminding us that sometimes as creative people, we still have to "eat the shit sandwich", that the not so fun parts are simply part of the creative process.  I was also really intrigued by way she describes the phenomenon of Multiple Discovery in the realm of creative endeavors.  It's really such a thoughtful, beautiful read. 


2.  ORIGINALS by Adam Grant

This book will make you think twice about how you operate your business, or at least it did for me.  It's filled with tons of new ideas about leadership and originality, with amazing stories and research to back it up.  “The hallmark of originality is rejecting the default and exploring whether a better option exists." This book explains how to solve problems + develop an original idea via Vuja De, (yep, the opposite of Deja Vu), a process in which we look at something we've seen time + time again with a fresh perspective, and then come at it from a different angle. He even digs into how procrastination can actually be a GOOD thing. EEEP.  Makes my little productivity-loving heart skip a beat...



This book is SO OLD, (like sixty years old), yet still so relevant today.  The advice is actionable + seriously so simple, but it seems to be the stuff we often forget.  If you really want to reach people; if you want to connect + communicate with those who work for you or around you, this book is a must read.  I will admit that I related to a lot of the techniques + stories discussed in this book not from a manager/employee or coworker point of view, but in my marriage!  Seriously, if you have a significant other who sometimes seems to speak a different language than you, this book can most definitely be helpful with that as well. #howtowinhusbands #andinfluencehusbands


4.  THINK & GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill

Speaking of old books, this one was first published in 1937!! Whoa. However, the reason that it's stood the test of time is because the principles it teaches are pretty timeless.  Now, I know that "woo woo" stuff + manifesting is really having a mainstream moment right now, but I want to stress that this book is not about simply thinking about being rich and waking up to winning lottery numbers.  The ideas within it are about defining your purpose, channeling a positive mindset and harnessing the power of your subconscious.  Napoleon even breaks down a daily formula to help you focus on your goals + manifest the results into your life.  


5. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

I mean, duh, right?!  I've followed the Sophia's career, and have been a Nasty Gal fan + customer for years.  I remember when I heard about the first iteration of the online shop from a influencer, (before they were even referred to as such), on MYSPACE. #throwback

Nasty Gal + I go waaaayyy back, and to watch how far both the brand + the creator have come is truly inspirational/amazing. This book is such a motivational kick in the pants for budding entrepreneurs.  It also manages to make you fall in love with Sophia, the rebel herself, (shoplifting, dumpster diving + all).  If you're a female entrepreneur + you're ready to kick some business tail, this one is a must read. 


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6. THE THIRD WAVE by Steve Case

You want to talk about originals?  Steve Case basically INVENTED THE INTERNET.  Well, I mean, he cofounded AOL back in 1985, so he's largely responsible for the internet we know today.  Steve uses this book to not only to share his personal pitfalls + victories in his journey towards overseeing the biggest media + communications empire in the world; but also explains his insights for the phase of technology + the internet that we are entering into today.  It's called The Third Wave, (a title he borrows from futurist Alvin Toffler), a period in which he believes that entrepreneurs will transform major sectors like education, health care, food, transportation, and dramatically change the way we live our daily lives. Steve looks into his crystal ball + explains how entrepreneurs today can succeed, as technology changes faster than ever. 


7.  PRESENCE by Ann Cuddy

Have you seen Ann's Ted Talk about power poses?! If not, you totally should, because it's amazing. In this book, she goes on to explain more of the science and the connection between our minds + bodies.  She shares examples of people who have been able to push through stressful situations to reach their desired outcomes and she shows us how we can do the same.  This book has had me power posing all over the house- especially before I do something that I find a little intimidating, like filming Youtube videos or new client meetings!! It's great for those of us who know we need to overcome some mental hurdles in order to truly put our best selves out there. 



Ok, so not only do I love this book, but I also am a big fan of Hal's Podcast.  His personal story is truly inspirational + hearing it was actually the push I needed to start my own morning routine.  Creating an intentional morning ritual has been one of the greatest changes that I've made in my adult life + has definitely had a positive impact on my business as well.  Hal breaks down a step-by-step formula for waking up more motivated, with more energy + ready to take on the day.  Of course, you can take the principles inside of the book + adapt them for yourself, you don't have to follow the routine he lays out step-for-step.  The important thing is that you create a ritual for yourself that is intentional + focused. 


9. THE 4 HOUR WORK WEEK by Timothy Ferris

Ok, so while Timothy clearly has this whole "work thing" figured out, it isn't highly likely that many of us will reach the point of working from the beach with daiquiris in our hands. (Personally, I feel like I would get bored + I'd be too worried about getting sand in my computer, but then again I'm crazy). However, the ideas in the book are still very relevant + useful.  I definitely agree that EVERY entrepreneur should figure out a way to create passive streams of income within their businesses.  And, I feel that outsourcing is a necessary part of scaling a business for greater growth.   So, while it may not be as E-A-S-Y as Timothy makes it seem, it's totally possible to reach those larger goals of time + financial freedom, by following some of the advice inside of this book.   


10. SMARTER FASTER BETTER by Charles Duhigg

Ok, so I cheated + I haven't actually read this one- but it's on my Audible wish list + I am excited to update my review as soon as I've finished it.  I've heard a lot of great things about this book, as well as his previous release, The Power of Habit, so I'm really anxious to check this one out. 

"In The Power of Habit, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Charles Duhigg explained why we do what we do. In Smarter Faster Better, he applies the same relentless curiosity, deep reporting, and rich storytelling to explain how we can improve at the things we do. It’s a groundbreaking exploration of the science of productivity, one that can help anyone learn to succeed with less stress and struggle, and to get more done without sacrificing what we care about most—to become smarter, faster, and better at everything we do."


So, ready to start your own Audible wish list + get inspired?!  

What are some of your favorite inspirational books for creatives + entrepreneurs?  Be sure to let me know in the comments below! 


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