3 Ways to Deal with Slow Engagement on Instagram...

It’s not really a huge surprise, but I’ve noticed that many business owners tend to focus all of their efforts on Instagram into growing a following. 

Some will even gauge the “success” of the account strictly by the number of followers they acquire.

And sure, while it’s great to have a large number show up in that little box labeled “followers”, that isn’t necessarily putting any money in the bank.

Is your feed feeling stagnant? Here are three ways to deal with slow engagement on Instagram


See, the Instagram algorithm actually keeps a large percentage of those followers from ever seeing your posts in the feed. 

It’s set that up that way— to only show us content that it thinks we will find interesting or relevant. It uses information based on our history of engaging with a certain profile, connections on our Facebook accounts, and even by comparing one piece of content that we’ve engaged with in the past, to another.


So, although your profile might say that you have a certain number of followers, your individual posts might be saying something different with their low-level likes + comments.

If a majority of your followers isn’t even seeing your posts— Houston, we have a problem.


Instead of focusing on growing your following “just because”, how about we focus on increasing the rate at which your CURRENT followers engage with your content?

This way, you’ll stand a better chance of your future content being shown to them again in the feed— because the more a follower interacts with your posts, the more Instagram will show your content to that follower— and THAT is where the real magic can happen.


So— how can you actively work on increasing your engagement?!



You should be using hashtags on EVERY SINGLE POST. I actually advise using 30 tags each time. That’s the maximum number that Instagram allows.

Hashtags categorize your content + put it alongside other content that is similar. They allow your content to be discoverable. Not using hashtags on your content is like whispering in a grade school cafeteria— no one is going to hear you in all of that noise.

Unsure of how to use hashtags to your advantage? I GOT YOU.

#GetFound is THE ULTIMATE HASHTAG GUIDE — not only does this guide teach you all of the ins + outs of using hashtags for maximum exposure, it also contains over 1600 actual hashtags inside!

So, you won’t even have to do all of that boring hashtag research— you can simply swipe real hashtags for your industry straight from the guide. BOOM>>> it’s that easy.

Once you start using hashtags strategically with the tips + tricks I teach in #GetFound, you’ll immediately see a boost in your engagement. They 100% WORK. 




Your CTA doesn’t always have to be, “Click the link in my profile to learn, read, check out more...” 

It can also be in the form of a question, like “Which of our smoothie flavors is your favorite? Let us know why in the comments below!” — this CTA is asking them to reply with a thoughtful comment. 

That’s right- you can straight up ask your followers engage with you.

You could also post an image + say “Double tap if you ________” in your caption— that’s a fun “Instagram way” to indirectly ask people to like the photo, by double tapping.

ex: DOUBLE TAP IF YOU LOVE TACOS!! (sit back + watch all of those likes start to roll in… 🌮😻)

The simple act of requesting that your audience comment or inviting them to engage can go a very long way— and also give your content that boost it needs to be seen by even more of your followers.




Seems simple enough, engage first. But oftentimes we forget this very important step to building relationships + growing our businesses on Instagram.

“If you want to be interesting, be interested.”

You can surely spend a few minutes each day liking and commenting on other profiles to open up the lines of communication, right?

Just by leaving an authentic comment on someone’s profile, you could potentially be repaid with a visit to your profile to do the same.

So, if you’re feeling like your engagement is low— stop complaining about the algorithm, get out there + do something about it.

Just make sure you are targeting accounts that would actually be interested in what you do. You want attract quality followers who could potentially do business with you.


So there you have it.  

3 super simple techniques to instantly increase your engagement — which if we are playing the long game on Instagram, is the right thing to focus on. 


All the followers in the world won’t make you any money if your content isn’t resonating with them. 


Instead of wasting time screaming into the void, focus on how you can impact the people who have already “checked YES” and work your way up from there. 

Focus on increasing your engagement + the rest will come organically...