Scheduling Your Pins on Pinterest | A Game Changer

Of all of the social media platforms out there, Pinterest just might be the most beneficial for bloggers.  Anyone looking to drive business back to their site through great visual content will find Pinterest worth the effort.  However, a blogger can really miss out if they aren't utilizing this particular platform for growth. 

If you're a regular Pinterest user, you've probably heard of the Smart Feed.  But, just in case you're a newbie, or you haven't actually stopped to think about how this roll-out could be affecting your current pinning strategy...

Why you should use a scheduling program for Pinterest.  This will free up a lot of time, so that you can focus on other things, like RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS!!


Simply put, Pinterest is a visual search engine.  The Smart Feed ranks pins based on several factors (learn to OUTSMART the Smart Feed  HERE) and then an algorithm shoots the higher ranking pins onto your home page.  Just think of it as a more aesthetically pleasing version of Google.  The higher ranking pins show up first, much like the most popular + relevant results based on a keyword search will be on the first page of Google- and everyone wants that first page.

In the earlier days of Pinterest, you would only see pins in your feed that were saved by the people that you follow + in the chronological order of the time in which they were pinned.  


Now, with the Smart Feed, you will see:

  •  Pins from people you follow that are ranked higher. This could mean that the pin has more repins  + comments than other pins, has a better quality image, or a more descriptive caption 
  •  Pins that are RELATED to others in your feed from people you don't follow 
  •  Pins based on your interests, a suggestion to you based on what you already pin, boards you follow or keywords that you search 


What does all of this mean for your business or blog?  


It means that some pins may never make it in front of your intended audience, which is obviously the opposite of what you want.  

However, the flip-side is that your pins can potentially show up in front of a ton of complete strangers, which is great news for driving new business back to your site. 

Of course, you will need to be more thoughtful about what you're pinning (Quality) and strategic about how often you're pinning (Quantity).  Frequency is still a major factor in the Smart Feed, and since every pin won't show up in everyone's feed, you can actually pin more often without worrying about overwhelming your followers.  


So, how do we maintain the right pinning frequency AND run our businesses?  I'm so glad you asked, friends... the answer is E-A-S-Y. 




Say it once with me, scheduling.  And trust me, it will totally change your pinning life.  

While you now have a few options for scheduling pins. I personally use a program called Board Booster for both my personal boards + those of my social media clients.  Prices start at only $5 for 500 pins per month, a real value considering the time you will save yourself each week. 

Let me tell you, this is a real game changer. 

There is obviously no way that I could pin all day, every day, + still have time to run a business + enjoy my life.  And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to anyway.  That's why I plan out my pinning frequency.  I can literally pin everything in ONE DAY PER WEEK.  Board Booster does the rest for me.  #MAGIC

I have also seen rapid growth in my following + engagement since I started scheduling.  And, Pinterest is the platform that I spend the least amount of time on each week, yet consistently see the fastest results.  This can mean huge ROI out there for those of you in blog-land.  

And it's all thanks to strategic scheduling...

Right now, you can get a FREE TRIAL of Board Booster by clicking on the image below (affiliate link).  See first hand how much time you save each week + how many new followers you gain.  You're seriously going to want to hug me, and I could sometimes use a hug.  #winwin


I know that we have only brushed the surface on the subject of Pinterest, the Smart Feed, and pin scheduling.  I seriously love this platform + there are so many more topics I want to share with you about how to get the most out of it!  

Is there anything you'd like me to cover in future Pinterest related posts?  Leave your questions + comments below, I would love your feedback! 

Until next time friends, happy scheduling!