Defining Your Social Media Management Style | What Type of Social Media Manager Are You?

Over the last few years, social media has become an essential part of many business' overall marketing strategies.  A company can use social media to offer better customer service, listen to what is being said about it's products, monitor competitors, or simply pull up a virtual chair + have a direct conversation with it's target market.

Social media has allowed businesses the opportunity to connect with it's audience on a human level + helps to further build brand loyalty + trust. There is absolutely no doubt that a consistent + strategic presence on social media can be extremely beneficial to any business that applies one.  But who is actually behind this consistent + strategic presence? 


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Enter the Social Media Manager... a relatively new role in a lot of companies, with a pretty wide variety of possible responsibilities.  


An SMM may be different things, depending on who you ask.  In one company they may take on more of a community manager role, offering customer service, engaging with others + diffusing negative PR situations. In another, they may actually create content or design graphics, help with SEO or focus on analytical data.


And, while the skillset + job description of an SMM will vary from company to company, there are a handful of basic requirements an effective Social Media Manager should be able to meet.  For instance, they should be extremely proficient on the platforms they are managing + be prepared to stay well-informed of updates + changes to those platforms.  

They should understand how to optimize various content + analyze their efforts,  + be skilled in targeting a desired audience.  They should be adaptable, as things can change suddenly + they should be able to remain calm while dealing with any crisis.  They need good communication skills (verbal + written) + a basic understanding of SEO.  They should know how to find + curate or possibly even create amazing content + be able to think on their feet.  They must be OK with working at random times of the day or night- social media is not a 9-5 job by any means, although it CAN be done from anywhere, (I'm at home in my PJ's doing my job as we speak!).


I suppose the perfect Social Media Manager would be all things: creative AND analytical, great with people, a problem solver, a copywriter, a photographer, a graphic designer, an SEO expert, a marketing genius, a psychologist + a communication expert.  

Very seldom, however, are they all of the above. 

But ya know what?! That's completely OK, considering that each business' needs for it's social media marketing strategies are different. Entire social media teams can be built + each member can play to it's strengths.  Some brands may not need a presence on every platform + can hire someone who is an expert at only the channels they want to focus their efforts on.  The beauty of the Social Media Manager role is that it can be tailor-made to suit the needs of any business + those wishing to be in an SMM role can use their strengths to benefit those businesses which need them the most.  


So does this have you curious about what sort of Social Media Manager you are or perhaps, would be? 

Check out these SMM profiles + see which category is more your style...


What's your social media management style? Are you a strategic superstar or a social butterfly? Find out Now!

You're extremely logical + methodical in your approach.  You view each social platform as a tool, another cog in the overall business machine. You love to think analytically + you make strategic decisions based on the data.  You are proficient in SEO techniques + understand how to use the right keywords to drive traffic + get results.  To you, success is clearly measured in the numbers, so you use analytical data + weekly reports to make adjustments to your strategy + monitor what's working. 



What's your social media management style? Are you a strategic superstar or a social butterfly? Find out Now!

You are a content sponge + you always find the best stuff to share with your communities.  You know how to match the right content with the appropriate audience. You are able to curate original content with collected content seamlessly, aligning the two.  You're a strong writer + you have no trouble effectively communicating your message.  You aren't limited to using only one type of content, either. Video, graphics, audio, photography, blog posts, you love them all + know how to optimize each, getting you the most bang for your buck.  To you, success is measured in the content that gets shared, goes viral, or gets people talking.  



What's your social media management style? Are you a strategic superstar or a social butterfly? Find out Now!

You LOVE social media because you genuinely enjoy engaging + creating community with others.  You aren't interested in social media to sell anything, that's just an awesome bonus that comes from all of that authentic relationship building.  You understand the difference between each social platform + how each can be used individually to get the best results.  People often feel like they know you, even though they have never met you + you have an authentic presence on every platform.  You measure success by the consistent growth in followers + increased engagement on the platforms you manage.  The bigger the better + the more the merrier.  



What's your social media management style? Are you a strategic superstar or a social butterfly? Find out Now!

You're a creative content maven who can spend hours upon hours creating one perfect photo for Instagram.  You love to capture a moment  + craft a clever headline to draw the audience in. You have the ability to "see" a brand + communicate that through different forms of visual media. You can create a story with a single image, one that evokes an emotional response.  You measure success by how cohesive your feeds are, how they align with the brand's voice  + how much engagement each photo posted receives. 



Clearly, a Social Media Manager can wear multiple hats, (or tiaras, amiright Content Queens?)... and it's totally OK to play to your strengths in a role that can be as subjective as managing social media. The key to being a successful SMM is understanding the needs of the business you're working for + knowing how to use social media to achieve the desired outcomes.  And, it always helps to be able to balance creativity with analytical thinking to stay on top. 

So guys, what's your Social Media Management style?  Do you identify 100% with a single profile?  Or are you a combination of a few of them?  

Share in the comments below which profile you think matches you best!