A Look Inside | Small Talk's Social Media Management Toolbox

Since I not only manage my own social media marketing, but the visual accounts of various clients as well, I'm often asked how I am able to keep it all straight- and get it ALL done.  

I have a handful of amazing tools in my business arsenal that I use daily/weekly, which allow me to stay organized + more importantly, sane.  

I'm sharing those tools with you today.  

If you're trying to find ways to be more productive + stay organized with your business' social media schedule, try these on for size!  

The Best Tools for Managing Social Media for Business | Small Talk Social www.smalltalksocial.com


17hats.  This is my one-stop-shop for all things business operations.  I signed up for a free trial account + then never looked back.  I use it to send digital contracts (no need for paper/pen), invoicing + bookkeeping, calendars (I color code each client's content calendar + set deadlines), track time spent on each facet of a project, + automate some of my general email responses.  I am in the process of creating an automated survey so that I can quickly get a feel for what an inquiring potential client is looking for.  With this survey, I will be able to get a better idea if they are actually interested in the sort of work I can do for them.  If I'm not a fit, I haven't really wasted any of my time figuring that out.  It has so many capabilities + everything I need is in one place.  


Wunderlist.  While 17hats does have a task list function- I tend to use that strictly for weekly projects related to clients + content.  Wunderlist is more of a quick "to-do" situation, perfect for my type-A personality.  I have the app on my phone as well as one on my computer desktop.  When I have a random thought or idea, I can just add it to one of my list categories + set a reminder.  I especially like the little "ding" sound that it makes when you check a task off of the ever-growing list of things... so satisfying. 


Evernote.   This is a great tool to share information back + forth with clients or with a group for a project.  I can create folders for each client, + then give them access to it so that we can collaborate on ideas for strategies, content, etc.  I have the app on my phone for quick access, but I also have the desktop web clipper on my computer, which allows me to grab things off of any page while I'm surfing the web + add it to a specific folder for use later. There are so many possibilities + uses for this in your business.  I especially recommend it if you collaborate a lot with others in your day-to-day.



Boardbooster. I talk a lot about this program + for good reason.  It helps me manage the daily posting goals that I have set for myself, + those of my clients on Pinterest.  If you want to know more about scheduling pins in detail, check out this post.  I even created a super helpful guide to quickly get you started with scheduling your pins.  You can also use the weekly reports from Boardbooster, along with your Pinterest analytics to tune into what's working + what's not, adjusting your schedule accordingly.


Later.  I can plan + schedule Instagram posts via Later (formerly Latergramme) weeks in advance.  And while Instagram doesn't allow other applications to post for you, Later can alert you to when it's time to post.  I can spend one day a week filling my Instagram queue, writing the captions + scheduling.  When it's time to post, I just need to make sure I log into the account I'm posting for + select the image from Later.  It automatically copies the caption over to use on Instagram too, so posting takes just a few seconds! 


Hootsuite is another scheduling app that I use for scheduling some of my client's Instagram accounts because I am able to manage multiple clients on various platforms seamlessly. I can also easily set up a variety of  "Streams" which help me monitor hashtags, locations, as well as other users-- so I can stay on top of engagement, community management + content curation. 


Buffer.  I use Buffer to schedule my Tweets + Facebook updates.  I'm not very active on either of these, (they just don't get me pumped like visual platforms), so Buffer allows me to schedule out information from others to share, as well as my own blog posts. This keeps my profiles up to date but allows me to spend more time in the places that I LOVE + are more relevant to my business, like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.  I could use Buffer to schedule out the next year's posts if I wanted.  Buffer also connects to Google+, LinkedIn, + Pinterest- although I don't use it for those accounts myself.  

A Look Inside | Small Talk's Social Media Management Toolbox



Iconosquare. I use Iconosquare to track weekly engagement, follower growth + the best performing content.  I can quickly see what images are doing well + what times people are interacting with the content most often.  I can use the desktop grid to view + respond to multiple comments at a time + speed up my overall workflow.  It's an extremely helpful tool for reporting to my clients as well. Iconosquare is no longer free- but I still find the ability to manage comments + track growth week to week really valuable. 

NOTE: You can now upgrade to a business profile on Instagram + get essentially exactly the same analytics that Iconosquare offers.  Learn more about Instagram for Business profiles here

Pinterest Analytics. You have access to Pinterest analytics only after you have set your account up as a Business. If you are still using your account in personal mode, check this out to make the switch.  Once you change over, you will be able to start accessing your reports to see what pins are working, who is repinning your content + what else your followers are interested in. There is a lot of valuable information that can be derived from these free tools that will help you to better strategize your pinning.

So that's basically it.  I use most of these on a weekly basis, (though some I use every day), + they help me to keep my social media management game STRONG.  There are so many other helpful tools out there, depending on the needs of your business.  

What are some of your favorites?? 

Leave me a comment + let me know what other apps/programs help you to stay productive + organized.  Which ones would you go absolutely insane without!?