Image Sizes for Social Media | How to Keep it Visually Consistent + Save Yourself a Headache

No one should argue that it's extremely important from a branding perspective that you keep your graphics + profile photos the same across every social media platform.  Creating a visually consistent presence for your business on each channel helps to develop your brand recognition. However, that can prove difficult when each platform requires a different sized thumbnail or banner, or displays post images in various dimensions.  


Get a FREE printable social media image size guide cheat sheet PLUS learn a few helpful tips to keep your visual assets organized, saving you valuable time!!


Tell me if this situation sounds familiar... you start your business or blog, you make a logo, a banner for your website + get a headshot.  

Then, you hop on over to Facebook to start a page for your business, but the banner you've made for your website won't work there, so you scour the internet for the correct size specs for a Facebook page banner.  Then, you get to work, creating a new graphic from scratch. 

OK, so we are good to go, now it's time to set up your Twitter account, but the banner you've made for your website AND the banner you've made for your Facebook page won't work, so again you start the process of googling the size specs + begin a new project .  And over + over + over this happens, each time you realize you will need a new graphic, image, or banner for another platform. #whenwillthemadnessEND?!!

This can be so time consuming + unbelievably draining.  I know, because I have lived through this situation a number of times.  I realized how much time I was wasting doing this + decided that I would start working smarter, (sometimes it takes me a while, haha). 

I finally created a Social Media Image Cheat Sheet ----> which I am going to share with you as well!  


free social media size image cheat sheet template.jpg


The Social Media Image Cheat Sheet can be printed out + kept handy at your desk. Then, when you need to update your profile photo for Pinterest, or need to create a graphic for Twitter to promote your latest blog post, you'll know what sizes you need immediately. 

Or, once you've downloaded the size guide, an even easier way to ensure that you stay visually cohesive across the board, is to set up all of your branded elements in a LIbrary on Photoshop.

Y'all, my life got one billion times easier when I finally did this...  #onebillion

The Library panel can save you tons of time creating individual assets for each platform, by allowing you a place to store your logo, taglines, fonts, + brand colors, all under one tab.  You can also save images that you use often like your headshot or background images for banners, etc.  

I also like to save frequently used image sizes for social, so I have a blank template for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc, (so that's where the guide comes in).  

Simply create a new blank template for each size you will need + save it into the graphics area of the panel, name it + BAM!! No more Googling like a crazy person every time you need a specific sized image. 

Small Talk Social Image Sizes for social media Adobe Cloud Photoshop Library Panel set up


This is an example of my Photoshop Library, you can see that I am able to keep all of my colors, fonts, logos, etc in one place, so that I can quickly access them to create images for each post in the correct sizes.  Every time I need to make an image for Twitter, I can open up Photoshop + grab the correct sized template.  Then, I have all of my other assets handy to ensure my posts are branded cohesively as well.   


If you don't have Photoshop, you can use a free program called Canva in a similar way.  Although Canva doesn't save your brand colors or fonts, you CAN upload your own images into the program + drag them into your project.  Just keep a list of your brand's HEX color codes nearby + have a copy of your logo + tagline saved as a transparent PNG to use when you need it.  

One cool thing about Canva is that they already have a lot of the popular social media image templates sorted out for you in the correct sizes, so you can just choose what you want to make, reference your colors + use your uploaded images to keep things on brand.   


Canva screen social media template options.png


Hopefully this helps you to keep things consistent on all of your social media platforms from now on, AND saves you a little bit of time in the process.  

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If you have any questions about image sizing for social media OR have any additional helpful tips to keep us SANE, leave a comment below!